Inscription: in fact, it's inside. In that porridge and rice, in that trivial day and in the deep love of each other. That day, I took the train to Shijiazhuang. It was a slow train. It took me more than 9 hours. And almost half an hour to stop, the migrant workers are very depressed, terrible. It's crowded in the car. Many people are standing. When I arrived in Tianjin, a man in his thirties got off. I was just relieved when an old man in his sixties came up with a nylon bag. He was fat and black. He was wearing an old-fashioned Chinese mountain suit and a pair of very worn big shoes. His body smelled like a mixture of tobacco and other things. I turned my head in disgust. "Miss, is there anyone sitting here?" He asked me, almost carefully, that he had been fed up with this train and had met such a passenger. So he lied angrily: "yes, I went to the toilet, and I'll be right back." After lying, I felt uneasy, because he seemed very tired and said with a long breath: "so?" I can't help but pity him again, so I said, "sit down first. When he comes, you can get out of the way." He looked at me gratefully, then shouted at one of the rows: "Fen, I have a seat. You can sleep well. ”I turned around and saw the woman named Fen. She was old, thin and yellow. Seeing me see her, he explained: "my wife, liver disease, once a week to see a doctor in Tianjin, see, this is the medicine I took for her." I looked down at the nylon bag, which was full of dozens of Jin, and piled at the foot of the man. The man said that as soon as she got married with me, she was a sick child. After so many years, she had been seeing a doctor. When she got old, she still had to see a doctor. His voice is very, not complain, finish saying, he turned round again to shout a sentence, Fen, think to drink water. Everyone around was happy, because his name was Fen, and his voice was very gentle. Everyone said, look at the old lady. Once a week, he took the train for more than nine hours, without air conditioning, so crowded, he pulled her to see a doctor, rain or shine. But she is not beautiful, and he is not romantic. They are just chaimi couple in ordinary life. They have two women and one man. In his words, when they were young, they quarreled with each other over their old nose and almost ordered the house, but they still had to live together. When she was ill, he still jumped the wall in a hurry. He talked fast, kept talking and sang Hebei Bangzi. The No. 10 carriage immediately became lively. Everyone applauded, because he sang very well. The woman named Fen shouted at the back and showed her face.